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Every Lara Bellini bag is handcrafted in Italy with care and love. The materials used for each model have been carefully chosen by Milanese artisans. Even the smallest metallic details have been designed by Lara Bellini and selected with great attention to quality. The combination of traditional artisanal techniques and modern production methods gives the designer the possibility to create unique design pieces. Every model has been developed to meet the high standards of italian luxury we strive for. Every bag is a 100% made in Italy masterpiece, and a definitive must-have in every women’s handbag collection.


The Lara Bellini bags carry the essence of italian style through the use of elegant shapes and high quality materials. The collection is a unique take on contemporary fashion. Contrasting and harmonious color schemes, original curves and graphic cuts and lines are among the most significant features of Lara Bellinis creations. This refined yet playful design language is what makes the brand so special, and distinguishes Lara Bellini as a contemporary italian luxury brand. Combining these elements with traditional italian craftmanship results in products of timeless class for fearless women who like to stand out from the crowd. 


In a complicated and unexpected historical context, fashion reacts with determination and energy, with its innovative and evocative strength. As the phoenix rises from its ashes, the new Lara Bellini collection symbolizes rebirth, renewal, the vital energy that moves us to look forward with positivity. Color is the main protagonist of the new SS21 collection by Lara Bellini, Phoenix: combined with the experimentation of new textures and daring combinations, it makes gritty and charming the designer’s refined and essential style. The bags are made by geometric patterns, such as triangles, trapezes and cylinders, simple shapes embellished with overlapping materials. Aesthetics and practicality perfectly coexist. The collection reminds to the 1980s and the creative milanese design world linked to the Memphis Group and Ettore Sottsass, using strongly geometric echoes and bright and contrasting colors. 

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